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How Mobile Phone Technology is leading the Digital Transformation in the Pacific

Introduction Digital transformation involves the use of digital technology to create new or modified business processes, culture and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements. Mobile phone technology has brought about significant social and economic changes to Pacific Island countries, not only making communication easier but also changing the way people do business. The Pacific stands poised to enter deeper into the digital transformation era, with mobile technology playing a key role in this shift. It is therefore vital that mobile connectivity challenges be addressed to ensure that Pacific Island countries reap the rewards of this transformation. Impacts of mo

6th Australia-Vanuatu Business Forum: Reinforcing Strong Investment and Trade Ties

Key Takeaways The 6th Australia-Vanuatu Business Forum focused on opportunities for private investment and what it can do for Vanuatu. The Forum highlighted several key initiatives introduced to encourage investment into Vanuatu, including: reforms to investment legislation with a focus on promoting and facilitating investment, changes to the Trade Policy Framework, the establishment of a “single window project” for importers and exporters, as well as the “Pacific Australia Card” to make it easier for eligible applicants to visit Australia. While there remain barriers to doing business in Vanuatu, both the Australian and Vanuatu Governments are committed to alleviating these barriers and wor

Of Crustaceans and Constitutions

L’Houstalet is an unassuming white building on the side of the highway. It looks like the type of place you notice, but never enter because you’re too busy chilling by the poolside watching the sunset on yet another beautiful day in Vanuatu. But its definitely the place you need to go to first on any jaunt to Port Vila. It’s a restaurant of historic proportions! L’Houstalet has had its doors open to patrons for decades, and during that period it has hosted some of the most pivotal moments of the small island nation’s history. On 19 September 1979 it hosted the Constitutional Committee which included members of every political party, church leaders and the Kastom chiefs as they celebrated the

PLN takes lead role on IAG Global Board

Did you know that Pacific Legal Network is itself a member of another, and global, network of lawyers called IAG Global ( IAG Global is a network of professional services firms which spans the globe…. Hence the name! Through the network, member firms develop in-depth, mutually supportive relationships with every other member, leading to seamless and hassle-free services, benefitting clients around the world. Members include lawyers, accountants, tax advisers and fiduciaries, some of whom work in association with other specialists: economists, real estate advisers or financial advisers. IAG originated in Europe; its membership is now very strong in the UK and in Europe and it

Alert: PPS Commencement Date

The Personal Property Securities Act 2017 (Act) will be commencing on 31 May 2019, representing a major reform for Fiji’s financial system. The Act will overhaul secured lending in Fiji and will also have far-reaching consequences across a broad range of commercial transactions and arrangements. If you are involved in lending, equipment leasing, the supply of goods, hire-purchase arrangements, or the commercial consignment of goods (to name a few) it is likely that the Act will affect your operations. What is the significance of the Act? The Act reforms the law of secured lending in Fiji, creating a standardised set of rules to determine the priority of competing security interests in moveab

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