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Not for Profit

Not For Profits operating in the Pacific Islands

Not for Profits operating in the Pacific Islands play a critical role in improving the quality of life for many Pacific peoples.

However, often they are under-resourced making it challenging to stay on top of their regulatory and operational requirements in each jurisdiction.

Contact us to find out how we can help you meet those requirements and free you up to do the good work so needed in the region.

Health Check For Your Not For Profit
Our Services

No matter where you work or what your charitable aims are, we have all the capabilities to service not for profit organisations, including their structuring, financing and regulatory needs in all Pacific jurisdictions.


We assist not for profits with:


  • their regulatory and operational requirements to ensure they abide by the regulations required in each Pacific jurisdiction;

  • compliance with filing and ongoing disclosure requirements in accordance with the laws of the country they operate in and their constitutional framework;

  • conducting regular audits, including of employee entitlements, property and asset holdings and liabilities or insurance policies to ensure they are fit-for-purpose;

  • if you are a new organisation looking at establishing operations in the Pacific, structuring advice and whether any tax exemptions / benefits might be available.

Our Clients

We have extensive experience working with not for profits, charitable organisations and other social enterprises. Some of the clients we have worked with include:​

  • Kiva

  • Millenium Challenge Corporation

  • Pacific Food Revolution

  • Red Cross

  • Save the Children

  • The Difference Incubator

  • USAid

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