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Bistrode CBD Restaurant

Having frequented the Hotel CBD Bar many times, I was excited by the prospect of traveling beyond the ground floor into the mysteries of the upper levels of this excellent York Street location. Bistrode CBD features large windows and high ceilings. Having arrived just after 12pm, the brilliant light flooded into the restaurant, making for a warm yet casually elegant atmosphere. We started our lunch with a dozen of the rock oysters, which were prepared to perfection with eschallots and merlot vinaigrette. Our main course arrived shortly after. The duck leg confit comes highly recommended (from me!) and features a smoked duck breast, bacon and warm lentil salad. The meal was prepared and presented with care and diligence. We then moved on to dessert, where we opted to try a selection of the desserts on the petit four plate, featuring a sinful salted caramel slice, which was a clear winner (although the remaining selection, including a coffee and chocolate truffle and orange and lemon cake did not disappoint!). The meal was complimented by the helpful and experienced wait staff, who assisted with the wine selection as well as our debate over which dessert to choose from. Overall I was very impressed with our lunchtime rendezvous to Bistrode CBD – its décor was beautiful, the food was superb, and the service impeccable.

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