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Tutu Beach Retreat & Bar PNG

While many of those salty self-proclaimed Moresby nightlife experts will tell you the best beer in town is to be found at established institutions like the Yacht Club or at some of the bigger hotels like Lamana or the Stanley, at PLN we like to venture out a little further. That’s why, for a truly ‘island’ drinking experience just 15 minutes’ drive outside of Port Moresby, we think you should look no further than Tutu Beach Retreat & Bar.

Nestled on a quiet beach in the coastal community of Taurama, the bar at Tutu Beach is run by the family of one of PLN’s very own, Andrew Kidu (yes, there may be a conflict of interest here but the bar is so good we don’t care!). First things first, unlike a lot of beach bars in the Pacific which will sell you beers ‘chilled’ to a temperature which is typically 3-4 degrees above what you’d consider refreshing, we can vouch that the beers at Tutu are icy cold. They stock all the main staples and have a food menu stacked with freshly caught seafood options on the weekend.

Despite being situated on the ominously named “Deadman’s Bluff”, the bar itself is idyllic. The open-air veranda looks out over the Coral Sea and island life can be seen going about its usual business as you sit and watch fishing boats skirt the reef for the daily catch while sipping your beer. In between drinks, you’re also welcome to take a stroll through the garden or pop-in next door to the Sir Buri Kidu Memorial Library where the family has put together an impressive collection of books on the South Pacific. It’s also fascinating to have a read through the section of the library where they’ve arranged the handwritten legal notes of the family patriarch and PNG’s former Chief Justice.

If you need to cool off, the Tutu Beach Retreat has a sand beach with water that is clean and ideal for swimming, particularly when the tide is up. There is also a playground complete with its own pirate ship to keep the kids busy if they get tired of the water. All food served is either bought from the nearby markets or fished from the reef out front, so freshness is never a concern!

So if you’re after something different and want to escape the hustle of the city or just want a weekend chilling by the water, get yourself out to Tutu Beach Retreat for a relaxing seaside experience rarely found in Port Moresby. And if you need more info, check out their Facebook page.


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