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Directors' Duties Training

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Why it matters

All directors, whether executive or non-executive, in companies of all types, have duties and obligations imposed on them by statute and by general law.

What it is


To address the uniquely complex operating environment of the Pacific Islands, and to complement our Directors' Duties Guide to the Pacific, we have developed training programs to help existing and future company directors in the Pacific understand their key areas of risk and exposure, as well as how that risk and exposure can be managed.

What our training includes

  • Explaining the concept of directors duties and their purpose in a legal context.

  • What are the sources of directors duties? Common law vs statutory duties.

  • Who do directors owe duties to?

  • An in-depth look at specific duties owed by directors.

  • What are the liabilities should a director fail to comply with their obligations and how to protect yourself.

  • Global directors' duties trends with a particular focus on the evolving environmental obligations of directors.

More about our training

  • We can deliver tailored training programs to suit your organisations requirements by size, industry and location.

  • We can train in-country at a location that suits you, or online.

To find out more about how we can help you with our Directors' Duties training:

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