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Consensus decision making

Consensus decision making is the Pacific way. However, for Boards of Directors, this should be the result of a proper examination of the issues together with discussion and debate, and not of acquiescence. Join John Ridgway and Gavin Robertson in this Q&A style webinar covering what is consensus decision making, some key examples of successful outcomes, and how to address the key issues.


Companies doing business in the Pacific know the importance of their environmental and social credentials to their Pacific customers, investors and clients. However, beware of Greenwashing, which involves misrepresenting or overstating these credentials. Join Dirk Heinz and Gavin Robertson in this informative Q&A style webinar as they cover the concept of greenwashing, what it entails and why it's essential for senior management to be aware of.

Is your board a train wreck waiting to happen? - James Hardie Industries Case study

When the James Hardie Industries Board decided to "spin off" the company's asbestos related liabilities, everything that could go wrong went wrong, and the directors were found by the Australian High Court to have breached their duties to the Company.  In this presentation, Gavin Robertson will analyse the James Hardie Industries case and highlight the very practical lessons that can be applied by Boards and their advisors in the Pacific context. 

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