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Richard Hill, founding partner of DFK Richard Hill

Q. How did you first come to be associated with Papua New Guinea?
A. It was 1974. I was offered a job in Port Moresby by a Sydney firm with PNG branches. I was 23 years. The one year plan with a just married wife became 8 years! 

Q. What do you love most about Papua New Guinea?

 A. I love the nature of the people—very friendly, forgiving, helpful, and with a Christian outlook. 
Q. Any favourite Papua New Guinea story you would like to share?
A. I have thousands! One would be about one of my children. I have two children who were born in Port Moresby. Adam, the eldest, was housed in a meat safe in the maternity hospital for the first two days. That time, there was no air-conditioning at the hospital and the meat safe was the safest protection from mosquitoes. It was approximately 1 cubic metre, has ventilation, and was placed on the table beside my wife’s bed. That is quite unique and difficult to forget!

Gary Ayre

Q. What is your ‘elevator speech’ if asked what you now do?

A. That I am a chartered accountant, corporate adviser, and private wealth company Chairman with substantial client interests in Australia and PNG. 

Q. What do you find is the most rewarding thing about what you do?

 A. Two things, essentially. First, achieving a targeted outcome to the satisfaction of the client. Second, being able to share my wisdom and providing training to younger professionals. 

Q. Anything happening in the future that we need to share with everyone?

 A. We are in the process of achieving our own corporate advisory license. We also are working to develop and further expand our core activities in PNG and South Pacific. 

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