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Pacific personalities

Pacific Personalities


We are fortunate enough to meet some amazing, accomplished and interesting people as we go about our business in the Pacific. We thought you might like to hear from some of these, what they're doing, where they've been and some insights into this varied region.

Andrew Kidu

Pacific Legal Network Papua New Guinea

Lawyer Primo Afeau Legal Services

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Primo Afeau Legal Services

IAssociate Kidu Lawyers

Taniela profile_edited.jpg

Visual artist and musician

Partner at Haniff Tuitoga

Special Counsel of PLN Australia

CEO of the South Pacific Stock Exchange

Regional General Manager of PLN Advisory

Freelance Journalist

Principal and Founder
of Fairfax Legal

Janice Ashwin.jpg

Senior Trade Officer for Ministry of Foreign Affairs & External Trade

Partner of nem
Australiasia Pty Ltd

Founding Partner of DFK Richard Hill

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