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Pacific Personalities: Noelyn Huehane

What made you pursue a career in law?

There are a lot of things that convinced me to pursue a career in law! Firstly, it was (and still is) my personal goal to become a law expert and an advocator on behalf of people. I was also excited to make new friends and meet new colleagues from various jurisdictions around the world, which would help me obtain in-depth knowledge on solving complex legal problems/issues for people, organizations and companies. I also have a strong interest in connecting and networking with individuals around the world and knew that going into this career would give me the opportunity to do just that.

If you could travel back in time and observe any legal trial or event, which one would you choose and why?

I would go back in time to observe one of the very first trials I ever attended. I remember during my second year in law school in Fiji, in 2018, I was selected by our Head Teacher to join a group of students and make a courtesy visit to the Fiji High Court. We visited a few of the High courtrooms where I had the chance to observe a criminal case trial in the High Court. By attending that court case, I gained a clearer understanding of what a courtroom setting looked like. I was also greatly inspired when observing the counsels arguing before the judge. After that experience, it became an unforgettable memory that has always motivated me to pursue a career in law.

Can you share a funny or unusual anecdote from your time practising law?

It was the first week of practice and I was instructed by the senior lawyer to service a court document on the opponent party. It was a default judgement. Normally, the opposing side refuses to sign for receipt of the document. I wasn’t being told about this and so as I entered into the office of the opponent party, I greeted him and handed over the service letter to be signed. He refused to sign the service letter as well as collect the document. I had no idea what to do but luckily our office secretary immediately entered the office and told me to just drop the document on the floor and take note of the time, date and place of service. From there on, I realized that such a reaction is very common whereas for me it was the funniest encounter of my life during my time practising law.

What is your favourite bar or restaurant?

Here in the Solomon Islands, my favourite Restaurant is called ‘’NIKIS FAST FOOD’’ a Chinese-owned restaurant. It has a lot of spicy Chinese foods and other French recipes. Numerous things that I love about Restaurants are; the clean environment, all sorts of awesome food and drinks, trying out new recipes and is relaxing, spacious, comfortable and friendly in comparison to bars.

What is your favourite way to unwind/relax or favourite leisure activity?

  • Reading great books, sharing ideas and meeting new friends.

  • Playing netball sport in the court after work

  • Going out on an adventure to the Islands, resorts, bungalows

  • Eating out with friends & going to the Cinemas, Mall

  • Going to church, praying and attending singing practice

  • Doing physical fitness exercise


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