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Mojo Record Bar

Image courtesy of Mojo Record Bar

Conveniently located just a couple of doors down from our office, Mojo Record Bar was a funky Friday afternoon find. As you walk down the stairs into the basement, passing the actual record store, you enter a dimly lit room pumping out all the best tunes to get your weekend started! The random vintage posters and record covers combined with the rustic nautical feel of the lights and lamps that hang around the room give this bar a grungy yet sophisticated feel. In terms of drink and food, the bar staff are kind enough to frequently top up the complimentary bowl of chips that sit on your table as you sip on one of the sixteen beers or three ciders they have to offer! We thoroughly enjoyed the gin selection, of which they have ten to choose from, and the cocktail menu looked very impressive. And whilst they do not have a kitchen, pizza delivery is available from the local store. Go if…you and 2 or 3 friends are looking for a funky place for after work drinks. Don’t go if…you had planned a romantic dinner date for two.

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