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Press Release: Pacific Legal Network wins an Exporter of the Year Award

Last night was the night of nights for exporters in New South Wales at the Premier's Export Awards. Pacific Legal Network had been short-listed as a finalist for the International Development Award – truly humbling and amazing. The category rewards the leading exporter for outstanding international success in helping developing countries boost trade and investment and encourage economic growth. The expert panel of judges focused on the delivery by the exporter of some key deliverables including:

  • Improving the business or regulatory environment,

  • Upgrading labour skills,

  • Improving infrastructure that enables trade or investment, and

  • Creating conditions for better regional integration to enable trade and investment.

"We were confident but not assured of victory – with some tough competition out there," shared John Ridgway, Head of Legal Services. With the leading exporters being described as "rock stars" and "hero's" things were really heating up, but when it came down to the crunch Pacific Legal Network carried away the prize. "We believe the award recognises the value of our partner firms across the Pacific, the shared values of all the lawyers in all the offices, and the continuing need for focus by Australian businesses on the Pacific part of Asia Pacific," John explained. Appropriately the award was sponsored by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. "We thank them for the award and their continuing commitment to the Pacific region and for recognising the positive contribution that international trade can have to everyday life in developing parts of our world." In 2009, PLN was awarded Exporter of the Year award for Services Industry and was the first law firm to ever win the award. Media contact Australia John Ridgway PLN Australia

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