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We PLN’ers pride ourselves on being something of dumpling connoisseurs. Historically PLN has gravitated to the various yum cha’s across the city, chowing down our body weight (and then some) on dumplings. Our own Sam Cook is, in fact, an esteemed dumpling maker. So discovered a dumpling pop-up right around the corner, needless to say our curiosity (and appetite) was whetted! Located on King Street and across from the Grace Hotel, Work in Progress is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it restaurant which oozes at once both familiarity and an effortlessly cool vibe. Initially envisaged as a temporary pop-up, its popularity has led to it becoming a more lasting presence. And we are certainly not complaining! Created by renowned dumpling master Eric Koh, the menu features a delightful combination of innovative and classic, fried and steamed, dumpling creations. The wild mushroom dumplings and the deep-fried lobster noodle rolls are definitely PLN favourites, however we recommend trying a little bit of everything on the menu – we promise you will not be disappointed! Put simply, Work In Progress has great service, a relaxed ambiance and a fun, pop art style, and a truly fantastic menu. It’s a great addition to the Sydney dumpling scene, and has played host to some cracking team lunches! Find Work in Progress at 50 King Street, Sydney.

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