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PLN and good governance in Fiji

Last Friday Sam Cook from the Pacific Legal Network (PLN) and Christopher Yee from Haniff Tuitoga (the Fiji member firm of PLN) presented on Directors’ Duties in Fiji at the second event held by the Pacific Corporate Governance Institute (PCGI).

High-performing organisations have good corporate governance practices and the pinnacle of this is an understanding of the duties Director’s owe to their company. Following the launch of our Directors’ Duties ‘Guide to the Pacific’, PLN is pleased to work with PCGI to strengthen corporate governance practices across the region. Full coverage of the event is available via the Fiji Times.

If you would like more information on Directors’ Duties around the Pacific Islands region, feel free to access a copy of our free E-Guide here or alternatively get in touch with a member of our team!

Image from Fiji Sun

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