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Mizz B'z Food & Wine

Today we share one of PLN’s inner-most secrets: the source of our unending energy and drive.

Despite what you may otherwise believe, life in the Sydney office at PLN is not all roses and sunshine … well not all the time anyway. And notwithstanding our ability to gaze interminably across Hyde Park and out to Lion Island in Sydney Harbour, once in a while we all need a bit of a pep-up. Fortuitously for PLN, we don’t have to go far ! Right below our offices lies Mizz B’z Food & Wine and within those hallowed walls can be found the holy grail of PLN energy: the Mizz B’z Poke Bowl.

I have it on good authority that the ingredients from the

original Poke Bowl were fused by Osamu Tezuka, the creator of Astro Boy (originally known as Mighty Atom - Tetsuwan Atomu). The energy derived from consuming the fused concoction literally found its way to his lower legs, thereby inspiring him to create our most favourite of jet-propelled cartoon characters. Click here if you want to relive the Astro Boy theme tune. I recommend you have it playing as background music as you read on.

Mizz B'z Food & Wine is an award-winning restaurant serving contemporary Asian fusion cuisine in the heart of Sydney's CBD at 111 Elizabeth St and is a 2018 AGFG Chef Hat winner. It has been described as a hidden haven overlooking the hustle and bustle of Castlereagh Street with its stunning large windows and relaxed atmosphere. Without fail, on each of the two or three thousand visits we have made to Mizz B’z, PLN'ers have enjoyed unparalleled service from the fabulous Frenchman manager Fabio and our favorite Bratislavakian, Alex.

But don’t settle in just yet, let’s do what we came here to do and explore the poke bowl.

The poke bowl ingredients can be mixed with your choice of tofu, fish of beef. My go-to additive is the tofu. Clearly man cannot live on tofu alone (despite what Chinese Han dynasty tofu creator Prince Liu An would otherwise have you believe), and I ordinarily prefer to accompany my tofu poke bowl with a glass … or two … of the Chapman Estate Reserve Chardonnay, offered by Fabio from Mizz B’z extensive wine selection. Perfect.

As you enter the bowl you will discover such delights as avocado gently dusted with sesame seeds and a selection of halved heirloom, lemon boy and green zebra tomatoes. The onzen poached egg slides over, across and (once pierced) through the macerated carrot, onion and lettuce much like the All Blacks do annually to the Australian rugby scrum. The dressing is miso inspired, and sings when coupled with the slithers of radish, pickled onion and cucumber and the body of rice gently supporting all of its friends above.

Another glass please Alex.

So what does all this mean? Well, from our perspective we are delighted to have been able to let you in on one of our little secrets. If poke bowl isn’t your thing, Mizz B’z has a selection of amazing dishes for the carnivores or pescatarians out there, so don’t be shy and on your way back to the office have a little hum to yourself along the following lines:

“Stronger Than all the rest, this mighty robot will pass the test, Oh villans fear him, so we cheer him, The amazing AstroBoy!”

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