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Taking stock as the year concludes

What better way to mark the end of another successful year than with a pat on your back and sharing a few beverages with some of your key clients! Haniff Tuitoga (“HT”) took to Paradiso Ristorante in Suva last week to reflect on 2018 and on their journey so far since the principals of HT, Tomasi and Feizal decided to venture out on their own in 2012.

A few laughs were shared while reminiscing their humble beginnings and acknowledgment was given to the support and commitment of clients, friends and family that supported the business right from the start and have continued to do so over the last 6 years. Having expanded its band of lawyers and the administration staff this year, HT is committed to providing comprehensive legal services to clients, whether it is corporate or commercial in nature or complex litigation matters.

The event was attended by around 60 people, providing an excellent opportunity to network, and guests also got to meet some of the team members from the Sydney and Brisbane offices. Photos from the event can be viewed here.

Looking back at 2018, some of the major highlights include the VAT monitoring systems being fully adopted by businesses and work beginning on the implementation of Personal Property Securities Act 2017 with the registry to be rolled out in 2019. There were amendments made to employment laws including the incorporation of parental and family care leave and the digital transformation and launch by the Reserve Bank of Fiji of its online portal for exchange control approvals. 2019 is expected to see a surge in economic activities and commercial transactions that would have been typically put on hold due to the General Elections last month. Along with that will surely come a fair share of legal changes and policy reforms as we brace for the new year.

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