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Welcoming Strata Title in Solomon Islands

Being the Solomon Islands expert in the PLN Sydney Office, doesn’t just mean that you get to frequently work with one of the best lawyers in Honiara, it also means when a change is happening in the Solomon Islands you have to be the first to know, the first to speak to the relevant commissioner, and obviously the first to provide a keynote on the topic.

Elizabeth Moran is our resident Solomon Islands expert, so over the past few months when she hasn’t been working with Primo Afeau on major infrastructure projects, she has been tearing through the new Strata Titles Act 2018 getting ready for her presentation with Primo and John Ridgway on 8 November 2018.

From our understanding, this was the first public discussion on strata title since the government passed the new strata law. This meant it was a first chance for the Honiara business community to get the inside story on how the new strata law will change business in Solomon Islands.

While, the presentation was well attended, we understand that this was a closed-door function, so we thought we would provide our wider readership with some key insights from the night. So, Primo and Elizabeth have prepared an article on the new legislation here which will provide you with all the details from the event and more.

The event was more than just an opportunity to learn about and discuss how the introduction of strata title will affect Solomon Islands. It was also an opportunity for our Sydney and Honiara teams to catch up and meet with our friends and clients in Honiara. And, with Tenkai Sushi in Honiara hosting the event, we were all lucky enough to have the freshest tuna sashimi in the Pacific.

For a different perspective of the event you can see all the photos here.

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