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PLN takes lead role on IAG Global Board

Did you know that Pacific Legal Network is itself a member of another, and global, network of lawyers called IAG Global (

IAG Global is a network of professional services firms which spans the globe…. Hence the name! Through the network, member firms develop in-depth, mutually supportive relationships with every other member, leading to seamless and hassle-free services, benefitting clients around the world. Members include lawyers, accountants, tax advisers and fiduciaries, some of whom work in association with other specialists: economists, real estate advisers or financial advisers. IAG originated in Europe; its membership is now very strong in the UK and in Europe and it is growing across North America and the Asia-Pacific region. Most networks which espouse capabilities for Asia-Pacific are strong on Asia, but weak on Pacific. Together, IAG and PLN put the ‘Pacific’ back into Asia-Pacific.

PLN has been around for almost 20 years and IAG has just celebrated the 30th birthday at its meeting in Braunschweig, Germany. IAG’s longevity is testament to IAG’s strength, which is primarily derived from the personal relationships that come from the way the network is managed and operates, much like PLN.

I have recently been anointed as the Global Chairman of the Board of IAG. The term of that appointment is two years, having recently been vice-chairman and on the Board for five years to date. I see this as being a “huge deal” for PLN because it has cemented PLN’s ambitions to connect clients and service providers operating throughout the Pacific with access to professional service firms across all parts of our globe. As to what it means for the Pacific, my new role as Chair of IAG complements the outcomes PLN has achieved in giving local Pacific law firms access to other Pacific firms. The IAG network will strengthen Pacific firms’ access to an even bigger global network of service professionals and will make it easier for Pacific law firms to be found for inward investment to the Pacific. It will also mean clients based in the Pacific or even outside of the Pacific can leverage the global network for assistance. It is a simple and effective way of facilitating inward and outbound investment for the Pacific.

For more information please contact:

John Ridgway


T + 61 410 520 416


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