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Pacific Legal Network welcomes Wong Alliance in Singapore and Timor-Leste

Pacific Legal Network (PLN) is pleased to announce Wong Alliance has joined the network as an affiliate member with offices in Singapore and Timor-Leste.

The inclusion of both Singapore and Timor-Leste in the Pacific Legal Network creates significant additional coverage in the Pacific for clients looking for high quality legal services in the wider Pacific region.

Singapore is regarded as a major “gateway” for inbound investment into the Pacific and having PLN presence there significantly increases the networks footprint. Timor-Leste is similarly important, and we are pleased to be able to offer additional coverage in this jurisdiction to our regional offering for inbound investment. The Timor-Leste legal team comprises of both local Timorese and resident Portuguese speaking lawyers, providing the hallmark PLN “boots on the ground” holistic legal navigation for our clients.

PLN Founder and Head of Legal Services John Ridgway said: “We are absolutely thrilled to welcome the Wong Alliance to the Pacific Legal Network. We have had the pleasure of working with the team at Wong Alliance during recent years and this most recent step cements an already solid relationship. This announcement occurs at a time when there is increasing movement of capital and increased business activity from and between Timor-Leste and Singapore into and through Australia and neighbouring Pacific jurisdictions. This initiative matches and answers the needs of our clients in the region – one of the core values at the Pacific Legal Network”

Jonathan Lim, Director of Wong Alliance said: “Timor-Leste – Singapore – Indonesia have been at the core of Wong Alliance’s network for the last decade. More than expanding our network in terms of acquiring contacts in the member firms of the Pacific Legal Network, the quality of the people we had worked with and the prompt (no red tape) client-focussed collaboration among its member offices are strong factors for our joining the Pacific Legal Network. In the next year, we will be watching closely Timor-Leste’s renewed push for assession to ASEAN. The Pacific Legal Network will be well positioned when that happens”.

Wong Alliance joins Palau and the opening of a representative office in London as recent additions to Pacific Legal Network as part of an ongoing growth strategy to ensure clients have access to high quality legal services across all parts of the Pacific region.


For more information and for interview opportunities contact John Ridgway, Head of Legal Services at Pacific Legal Network:

Ph: 61 410520416 E:


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