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The Hangover Special: Two nights in Bangkok

Bangkok is huge, but that doesn’t mean that all its bars are just big or just as bustling.

When the team all headed to Thailand for the IAG conference hosted by DFDL, we had one thing on top of our list of things to see, small bars! So rather than the usual solo small bar review, we bring you a double dilemma of where to go in Bangkok.


Named for its Victorian pharmacy vibes, from green medical cross on the front façade down to the jars of every concoction known (some not so known) to man behind the bar, the music is what drew the PLN gang to Apoteca.

Aside from being one of the few gastro-pubs you’ll find in Soi 11, Apoteca is also one of the places you can listen to a live band play some classic rock tunes or some upbeat jazz. The bands were truly the hero of the bar.

We were treated to two bands that night We listened to soul-filled jazz before crooning along to the late-night rock ‘n’ rollband’s covers - Summer of 69, (originally performed by Bryan Adams) was a clear crowd favourite.

There is also the perfect terrace that overlooks the street, which you can still hear the band, while

soaking up some of that Bangkok nightlife.

Go: for live music!

Avoid: If you are worried about ear damage or have any early morning meeting!

Sing Sing

The following night we made our way to Sing Sing on Soi 45. Sing Sing is a modelled on an Asian-styled theatre, which fused the old charm of China with all the energy of 21st Century Thailand, in an exhilarating attack on the senses!

Unlike a regular nightclub, Sing Sing, is intimate, having a full 360-degree theatre setting, meaning no matter where you are sitting, or standing you are close to some form of entertainment. The entertainment starts at the absolutely whimsical way you order a drink through a hole in the wall, to the absolutely outrageous costumes worn by performers.

The costumes, and what can only be described as a glacial-paced interpretation of ‘voguing’ really stole the night. The performers ‘vogued’ their way on stage to different parts of the nightclub adorning everything from Qipao’s, in an elegant attempt at haute couture informed by Asian pop culture, to neon hoop dresses (laser pointer fingers included) – think tamed Studio 54 meets Bangkok!

Even if you aren’t into nightlife there is something for everyone to enjoy at Sing Sing. Especially if you turn up early enough (or make a booking for a table) you can score a much-coveted sofa, and the take a seat, relax, order one of the best G&Ts you can find, and then admire: the Chinese inspired lanterns that replace regular light globes, the fine ironwork dragon balustrades, and music, which depending on the night may include one of the most eclectic and international remixes taking samples and loops from African, Asian and Western tracks alike.

Go: to be entertained and blown away by costuming and effects!

Avoid: If crowds aren’t your thing.

With so many options, there is a bar for everyone in Bangkok!

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