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Pacific Legal Network Opens London Representative Office

We are pleased to announce that Pacific Legal Network has opened the Pacific Legal Network London representative office. This is the first legal services office established in Europe which is dedicated to doing business in the Pacific.

In recent years, the United Kingdom has refocussed on the Indo-Pacific region, framing it as “a critical region where the “competitive age” is playing out, requiring active U.K. involvement to shape international order and support “open societies”, establishing a Ministry for the Pacific and International Environment. The UK has outlined its intentions “of pursuing deeper engagement in the Indo-Pacific in support of shared prosperity and regional stability, with stronger diplomatic and trading ties” in its policy paper, “Global Britain in a Competitive Age: the Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy”.

Pacific Legal Network has long understood and been engaged with the Indo-Pacific, and we’ve been involved in just about every major project in the Pacific region. We’ve worked with many Pacific governments and major institutions, as well as large companies investing in the region, for more than 20 years. More recently we’ve also been witness to the rapidly accelerating environmental crisis in the region and the direct effect on Pacific people’s. Pacific Legal Network has ensured it is at the forefront of the climate mitigation legal response, being an accredited observer to the Green Climate Fund.

In establishing our London Representative Office, we are making ourselves locally available to those in the UK and wider Europe looking for easy local access to broad and in-depth Pacific expertise. The office will be headed up by Associate Lawyer Damian Kelly. Damian brings with him first-hand experience and well-established relationships with our Pacific colleagues and contacts. He will be an important and time-friendly conduit for anyone in the UK or Europe looking to do business in the Pacific.

Damian Kelly said “Europe and the UK have shown an ongoing commitment to sustainable development of the Pacific in line with their common but differentiated responsibilities. It’s exciting to be here in London to facilitate further investment and climate positive projects in the Pacific.”

John Ridgway, Head of Legal Services at Pacific Legal Network said “this is a really exciting development for Pacific Legal Network. It comes at a time when the Pacific is very active on the international geopolitical radar and follows swiftly on our expansion recently into some of the micro-States in the Pacific. Pacific Legal Network is all about supporting and encouraging indigenous legal services growth in the region, ensuring that we cover all parts of the Pacific. Having a representative office in London helps to solve the legal services puzzle for anyone across Europe looking to do any business in any part of the Pacific”.


For more information and for interview opportunities contact John Ridgway, Head of Legal Services at Pacific Legal Network: Ph: 61 410520416 E:


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