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Pacific Legal Network welcomes new lawyer in Solomon Islands

Pacific Legal Network (PLN) is pleased to announce that Solomon Islands lawyer William Kadi will join the team, working with Primo Afeau in Honiara, effective 28th February.

Having spent the last five years working at the Public Solicitors Office of the Solomon Islands, William brings a wealth of experience but particularly relevant to PLN is his environmental law experience. Notably, he has co-authored a chapter in Environmental Law and Governance in the Pacific: Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Communities published by Routledge 2020 and is Vice President of the Solomon Islands Environmental Law Society. William was a member of the Protected Areas Advisory Committee in the Solomon Islands from 2019 to 2021, providing advice and working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and rural communities, by introducing and promoting alternative development models with their forests through conservation and the protected areas strategies.

He notably successfully represented the Wagina community, winning a historic battle against a proposed bauxite mine development and saving their community and islands.

William is also a well known local musician and made fame last year with the co-recorded global island jam hit song “UKULELE”, voted first at the 2021 DJOOKY Music Awards – the world’s largest online song competition.

With his interests in environmental law and music, he has featured with other artists in advocating for climate action through music and plans to do more music activism whilst working as a lawyer.

PLN Founder and Head of Legal Services John Ridgway said: “William’s appointment is in line with our ethos to continue operating with boots on the ground in the Pacific and importantly by engaging with, training and upskilling local legal talent. Through Primo Afeau we have enjoyed a long relationship with the Solomon Islands and we are pleased to be adding such quality talent to our team there, particularly during this difficult time for the Solomon Islands.”

Mr Kadi said: “I’m excited to be joining PLN and to be able to service the needs of clients from around the world on the ground in Solomon Islands while continuing my environmental advocacy across the Pacific Islands as well as locally.”

For more information and for interview opportunities contact John Ridgway, Head of Legal Services at Pacific Legal Network Ph: 61 410520416 E:


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